The environment is becoming more toxic each day. As the wold becomes more poisoned by humanity, the more cancer, viruses, and bacteria gain hold in our lives.

Colon Cancer

Emergency Room doctors are not cancer experts. Always get recommendations to doctors plaguing you. Don't be like me. I am in my thirties. I had blood in my stool and lumps on my legs. I went to the ER room about 7 times. Each different ER doctor kept telling me there was nothing wrong. I got a scan, no cancer. The doctors thought it was IBS, Chron's, or diverticulitis, colitis, etc. Three years of bleeding on the stool and no ER doctor wanted to even suggest getting screened for cancer. You can't rely on the ER to diagnose cancer. Demand to see a specialist to get screened for cancer if you have blood in your stool.

The doctor's told me, "you have a hemorrhoid." Then I was told I probably had diverticulitis. If you don't demand a scan from a doctor who specializes in your aliment, you could end up like me with Stage 4 metastasized colon cancer. I've had 2 years of the most aggressive chemotherapy the hospital can give a patient. The colon cancer has metastasized into my bones two times. I am in an out of a wheel chair. Don't you dare think you're too young for cancer. Babies get cancer! If you have blood in your stool, demand a colonoscopy. DEMAND IT! Do not wait. A biopsy must be done to be definitive. If you're on the fence about a colonoscopy, as my doctor explained to me, the drive on the way to the hospital is more dangerous than the procedure statistically. If you eat meat or dairy, even if you're pescatarian , you increase the risk of colon cancer dramatically.

A meta-analysis of 29 studies of meat consumption and colon cancer concluded that a high consumption of red meat increases risk by 28%. In addition, the China study, the largest study ever done on diet, found consumption of animal products leads to

Breast Cancer

The China Study found a consistent web of correlations between consumption of animal-based foods and breast cancer as well as a host of risk factors for breast cancer, including age of menarche, estrogen levels and cholesterol.

Similar to colon cancer, breast cancer can be a sensitive top to discuss with a doctor. Please get checked regularly, especially, if you're eating dairy or any sort of animal products. We get our research from the largest Meta-analysis studies in the world. Unlike most nonprofits, we never take any donations from corporations. Many of the charities giving diet advice, are receiving millions from lobbyist. All we want is for you to be healthy and cancer free.