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Write about how new nuclear can help stop climate change. France has the lowest carbon footprint in Europe per capita and it's because they have more Nuclear.

We beg you to consider supporting new nuclear because it will help reduce our dependence on oil and coal. It will help save the oceans.

In order to combat climate change, the world must rapidly minimize its dependency on fossil fuels. Greenhouse gas emissions need to be diminished drastically. Nuclear energy is a viable option that is low-carbon and can supply the world with clean and affordable electricity.

Climate change is considered the most systematic threat to humankind. Carbon dioxide emissions due to energy production continue to rise - reaching 33.1 billion tones in 2018. The emissions have increased by 40 percent since 2000.

The power generation from coal has higher emissions when compared to any other energy source. Although natural gas has the lowest emissions compared to other fossil fuels, it still emits significant emissions. When analyzing the energy production sources, nuclear power ranks among the lowest emitters, such as solar and wind power. Moreover, nuclear plants do not produce some of the harmful emissions associated with fossil fuels like sulfur, methane, nitrous oxide, or toxic heavy metals. On the other hand, high dependency on fossil fuels means that there are more incidents of oil spills from fuel tanker ships in the oceans. This opens up a whole new aspect of damaged caused to marine life and the potential hazards the aquatic life is exposed to.

Nuclear power offers a low-carbon source of energy. By 2018, nuclear power accounted for 10 percent of the world's electricity. With the emphasis on renewable energy sources and switching from fossil fuels - higher nuclear power production helped to level-off the global CO2 emissions at 33 gigatons in 2019.

Hence, it is clear that nuclear power is the way forward as it can play a vital role in the transition process towards a clean energy future. Nuclear plants nowadays operate more efficiently than in the past. They provide low GHGs and secure energy while offering relatively low operating costs. Solid steps and willpower are required on the government level. The government should make new policies, impose taxes on fossil fuel plants, allocate funds, and subsidies for potential investors in nuclear power. France is one of the best examples. It has a longstanding nuclear electric production that offers electricity at a low price and sustains its economy. The world needs to follow in their footsteps if we are to solve the climate change issue.

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